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Daria Werbowy by Cass Turner for Dossier Journal Spring 2010,  A beautiful shoe of unknown origin and Proenza Schouler via garance dore

Throwing a surprise party birthday party in the park for one of our darling friends. Dress-code is dress and heels which will no doubt mean plenty of pretty pink florals, six inch heels and cup-cakes. I'm thinking more along the lines of something like this. Maybe something that will match the drizzel.


 Source unknown
A very late night or two and I feel like I could sleep for a week. I have never been good at living without my sleep and it's all the worse knowing that it was for a history paper that I didn't even finish (as opposed to a night out, a species that seems to have gone the way of the dinosaur.)

 A friend, my garden, my Sunday morning and my brother = my weekend


Minimal Packing From: Proenza Schouler and I Am Packed 

It’s Friday which is about the most exiting day of the week. I have the whole weekend ahead of me and despite the fact that I have an eleven hour waitressing shift tomorrow working with my Mum (which may or may not be a complete disaster) I am looking forward to seeing my wonderful little brother and my lovely, if volatile mother for the first time in three weeks.

The Friday trip home does present some problems though. First there is packing. I am a terrible packer so fitting a whole two and a half days worth of clothes plus a whole two and a half days worth of homework into something that won’t make you look like your moving house while you stagger around Auckland dragging your luggage is a challenge for me. I start off thinking minimalist and end up with 50kgs worth of nothing to wear!

This leads to my second and more important problem, what do you wear??? Sounds like a simple enough question but trying to find something that is acceptable for both getting on the bus in Remuera and for getting off the bus in Wellsford which are about as far apart style wise as Olivier Theysken and my Birkenstock wearing physics teacher. Keeping in mind it has to be Mum friendly and be reasonably comfortable on the bus. I’ve been told track pants are the way to go but I don’t own any and I never plan to. Besides, I enjoy a challenge. Wish me luck! 


Hello everybody, if there is actually anybody out there. I'm starting to suspect that there isn't actually a world outside the boarding house and that it has all disappeared since the summer holidays ended (all of three weeks ago). Maybe it's a good thing that I have become an involuntary hermit. It is the last year of school and all and I should probably make better use of it than I did of last year. Anyway have to go, ciao x