a story though moods




going back to the sun soon, the land of tanktops, bikini bottoms and rhubarb and icecream (via)

Mon petit frère


introducing my baby brother who is also perhaps my best friend, lame i know but what can ya do. feeling a bit homesick as you can probably tell but not to fear, he is coming with me to scotland in the holidays.liking the tie dye shirt but not so much the short hair.


restless 2

     sources unknown, please do tell

cherry bloom/bomb

this morning i went for a run up Mt ST John, it was so beautiful even though i almost froze, today is a good day. (last two.)



in my dream world i would have my own apartment, it would be summer forever and i would never wear pants. i would lounge around my own apartment and draw and drink coffee and take luke-warm bathes and my music would always play and my potplants would always live. i would have a boyfriend with soft skin who loved to dance and only came around at night.

what is your dream world?



spring is a long way off but it cant hurt


found here


Omahyra and Boyd

Omahyra and Boyd


i am so tired, i give up haha. i don't think i have enough energy left, but then again only two weeks until i land in scotland, about as far away from here as possible. that thought does make me very exited. but still not enough to prevent me wanting the first and feeling the second.

washed out/ love birds

looking a bit washed out after the weekend, who ever made up the myth of back to school fresh and rested? and another question... why is anyone over twenty five 'terrified' for our generation? i understand,( i think,) but what have we got to fear. we don't need to live in fear of small pox, lead poisoning, famine, we have different things to be afraid of, no? and most of those things are considerably more fun than famine. teenagers have been drinking since forever. my dad tells me about lying in a gutter in france at sixteen (on a school trip no less) and then tells me that we just don't come as sensible as they used to.


deep sea

this week has gone by so fast. in a few hours it will be friday night which means i have two weeks and 12 hours until the holiday, and until take off, how bizarre. ellen von unwerth and national geographic



landscape found here.

pastel sad

here are the least cheerful pastels i have ever seen, like a pool party for one.  Olivia Frølich